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A story of family, faith, political intrigue, and suspense.

At the request of Pastor John Grant, the last chaplain of the United States Senate, Lisa Smithy embarks on the adventure of a lifetime: find a former Senate staff member and convince him to reveal to a DC reporter the plot that led to Dr. Grant's removal and the discrediting of his best friend, a United States Senator. From the South, to the West, to the Midwest, evil men are desperate to stop her, and romance surprisingly finds her. Can she bring together the former Senate staffer who knows all and the Washington reporter who can tell all, while eluding the men who would end it all?


Carl White weaves a story of political intrigue with the kind of insight of one who has lived in Washington DC, though he never has. He also tells a story of personal faith and of the triumph of love like someone who has experience with both, which, after years of serving as a pastor, he has. The Last Chaplain has unforgettable characters, unexpected turns, and surprising twists, all which make for a great escape.

The Honorable Gregg Harper, United States House of Representatives, Third Congressional District of Mississippi

Usually politics and religion don't mix, but they're blended together here in an intriguing melee of corruption, compromise, set-ups, murder, and the efforts of a Christian minister to clear his name and that of his best friend, a U.S. Senator. "The Last Chaplain" is well-researched with believable and engaging characters, all flawed in some way and trying to stay true to their own beliefs. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys political suspense, with a dose of hotly debated religious topics dominating today's world-view.

Debra Diaz – author of The Shadow of Dawn, The Woman of Sin Trilogy, and other works of historical, suspense and inspiration with Christian themes.

Reading fiction can often help us gain an understanding of the human experience and the human heart in a way that non-fiction books cannot. Stories have a way of captivating our imagination and helping us discover things about ourselves and about the world around us. The Last Chaplain is a powerful story about love, reconciliation, and the power of the gospel. Carl White is a compelling author and storyteller. This book will captivate readers and lead them to consider how the gospel can transform our life and relationships.

R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary