Warning Signs when looking for a Publisher
1.Offering a low-cost package. This usually means they will sell you an expensive add-on once you realize you need it. (The most common offering is editing.)

2.Promises to do marketing for your book. For what a publisher will charge you for marketing, you can get much more by working directly with a marketing company. Don’t fall for the trick of sending out thousands of “press releases” or promises to have your book listed with thousands of websites. 

3.Extra-cost gimmicks like bookmarks and posters. You can get these much cheaper directly from a local printer. 

4.They set very high prices on their books for sale, which is a ruse to get you to pay more when you purchase them.

One of the best things you can do is a Google search using the name of the publishing company and the word “reviews.” If there has been complaints about their work, it will show up.

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