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Martha Tjarks loves traveling and exploring, which, as a girl of limited means and a lot of imagination—driving the backroads of Texas, hiking, biking, exploring. It's always best on a new trail. She’s an explorer at heart, so the imagination kicks in along the way. This the first of her many stories to come. 
When Earth finally made contact with an alien race, or rather the alien race finally decided to make contact with us, everything changed. I hoped that humans would embrace the knowledge of the visitors that they had searched for since the beginning of time, but fear of the unknown is a powerful thing.

I'm Tygeria, Tyger to my friends, and I am a half-breed. I have lived on this planet my entire life, hiding, but honing my genetic gifts. Gifts that make me different. Gifts that some humans have decided to fear. I have grown into my powers and my role here on Earth. I have started to find support and guidance to help me become what I am meant to be, a Guardian. Some may fear me because I'm not human, but what happens when what that fear becomes exactly what they need?