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Life got you over a barrel? Or maybe you've just hit "rock bottom?"

Welcome to the World of Losers. But don’t despair...

Within these pages you’ll fi¬nd dozens of helpful insights on how to deal with the loss of your job and the resulting fi¬nancial issues; how to ¬find cheap and inexpensive clothing; how to deal with those feelings of inadequacy and despair you’re experiencing right now; even how to deal with the loss of your home or apartment.

This book is a training manual, designed to help you cope with your loss. Use it. Make no mistake; the road ahead is going to be more than a little bumpy, and you may even get derailed a few times along the way. But Don’t Panic! You can do it. I did. Losing It All will show you how...

“Losing It All” deals with the major losses we might experience in life. You will discover valuable, practical tips for surviving the loss of things like home, job, hopes, and loved ones. You will be encouraged by the opportunities that are still available, even when it feels like everything is gone. This book will instruct, hearten, and motivate you to find hope even in the worst of circumstances. 

If you are in the midst of dealing with a loss, you will find this book a welcome companion, filled with ideas to keep you going as you rebuild your life. 

David Lee Simmons was born in Havre De Grace, Maryland, the son of a high school teacher.

He was raised in Churchville, Maryland and is an alumni of Towson University. As a professional actor and singer, he has performed in dozens of theatrical productions, and has also appeared in several motion pictures and televisions shows, most notably HBO's "Veep" and Netflix's "House of Cards." Also an avid musician and composer, Mr. Simmons has written over 50 musical compositions.

Mr. Simmons is also a computer technician, certified in both PC and Apple technologies, and has been the CEO of his personal computer services business, Illumina Computer Services, for over 10 years.

As a writer and playwright, Mr. Simmons has written many stories, screenplays and plays, some of which have won awards.

He thanks God everyday for the privilege to write books like "Losing It All," and it is his sincere hope that it will provide help and comfort to those who are currently jobless and homeless here in America and throughout the world.

Mr. Simmons currently resides in a suburb of Houston, Texas.