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"Imaginations to Revelations" chronicles the journey of a young woman from a life of addictions - sexual, alcohol, and drugs - to a life of freedom and health. The author explores the factors that not only took her down the wrong path but also how she was able to turn around through a spiritual conversation and the help of a recovery program. 

Beyond obtaining mere physical sobriety, Lisa’s journey included struggle after struggle until she got to the point of total surrender. This surrender required tearing down mental and emotional strongholds of fear, unworthiness, and trauma. It required her to reject lies and imaginations that kept her from walking blindly by faith in God alone. 

Once Lisa realized what was possible when she allowed God to work, she finally experienced His rescuing love and power. She learned what it means to have faith in God instead of just believing in God. Her new life has allowed her to experience freedom from addictions for many years and to live a productive life. Lisa shares her faith and her story through various ministries in her local community. Her walk with God grows stronger each day.

God still performs wonders and He still changes lives. That is the story of Imaginations to Revelations. This is the account of a living miracle. From alcohol and drugs to a life of sexual addiction and promiscuity, Lisa's story casts the spotlight of God's grace on the darkest corners of life. Her story is compelling, raw, and redemptive. If you are on a quest for hope and freedom, Imaginations to Revelations may be the most important book you read all year! 
Dr. Mark Denison, Founder, There’s Still Hope

Lisa’s life is nothing short of a miracle. Her transparency and the steps to freedom she shares
In Imaginations to Revelations will give anyone reading Lisa’s book hope and encouragement.  
Stan Pavkovich, Pastor, Church of the Cross

Lisa Ringland has struggled with sex and drug addictions from an early age, and like most addicts, she has quit and relapsed countless times. She currently lives in Florida where she is actively engaged in helping others with addiction problems.