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Cecil E. Marsh was a gifted communicator, a long-time minister of the gospel, a teacher, administrator, husband, father, grandfather, softball pitcher, and of note, a friend to almost all he met. He was the first pastor of Randolph Memorial Baptist Church outside Lynchburg, Virginia, held numerous positions at the Virginia Baptist General Board, organized conferences for youth and church leaders attended by thousands, and was the interim minister for six different church families after his retirement. Before his passing, Marsh stated, “I have been a seeker, a struggler, and sometimes a stumbler. The good news is that Christ has not given up on me and has given family and friends to share the journey. As you read these simple sermons, realize I am proclaiming more than I can live up to. My goal is to point people to the Christ who can change lives. There is a great deal I have not understood about faith, grief, and following Him no matter what life brings. When all else is cleared away, all we really have is God. But the good news is that He is enough.”​