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Dr. David Mahfouz is currently the pastor of First Baptist Church, Warren, Texas, a church known for its commitment to prayer, discipleship, and missions. He previously served First Baptist, Port Neches for 14 years. He has a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Proclamation from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. David and his wife Monica have one son, Christopher, who is an attorney in Beaumont. 
Church history traces the impact of major events and how they change the church. The most significant development in church history was the Protestant Reformation. The most noteworthy change in the church in the past 100 years has been the response to the rise of Postmodernism. Some have said it has made the church irrelevant. 

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. David Mahfouz explores how the church can remain relevant in a changing world. He not only presents the biblical case from scripture, but he also speaks out of his experience of working with postmoderns as a local church pastor. 

“A Relevant Church in a Postmodern World” provides a deep understanding of this new way of thinking and how it impacts the Christian faith. Mahfouz then presents an approach to addressing this type of thinking from the experience of one who has seen it work. 

Reading this book will rekindle your hope that the message of the Gospel is timeless and has the power to speak to every age.