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Casi Rabb Helbig has studied the areas of wellness and kinesiology for 25 years. A former Division I volleyball player, she has been a professor, researcher, and advisor for the past 16 years at Texas Lutheran University. 
Casi has published over 30 journal articles, abstracts, or book chapters in the area of kinesiology. 
She and her husband have four children and live in San Marcos, Texas. When she is not teaching or writing she enjoys public speaking, coaching volleyball, and adventure racing.

“The Balanced Woman” is the wellness book that women have been waiting for because it has collected gripping interviews of personal stories and merged them with the latest health research.  

“The Balanced Woman: Powerful stories of women on their journey to balancing the eight dimensions of wellness” is for women ages 18-80 who want a full and balanced life. Learn from the compelling stories and current science how to better balance the eight dimensions of wellness (occupational, intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, environmental, financial, and physical). 

You will hear interviews from 18 real women like you and me, doing real work, sharing real stories. Their wellness journeys will have you celebrating their victories and mourning their pain. It is the voice of many, but they all share one thing: transformation. We learn from those who have overcome something and are brave enough to share it. Their stories will make you want to write your own story a little better and more balanced.