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Dena Fields is a novelist living in Kentucky. She also works as a make-up artist in the movie industry. "Eleven Roses" is the first of a series of novels that follow the life of a character named Marissa. 

Wearied by a series of failed relationships and a serious sexual assault, Marissa decides to focus on her career. The possibility of a job promotion takes her on a business trip to St. Louis where she meets Alex, who quickly changes her perspective. Alex himself is in the midst of change. Recently released from the military, he is dealing with a serious illness that may or may not allow him the time to develop a relationship. 

Complicating matters even further is Alex’s best friend and confident who is also extremely attracted to Marissa. In a story reminiscent of Cyrano de Bergerac, Marissa is wooed by Alex using the words and actions of his friend. 

Marissa and Alex are able to develop a relationship in spite of all the challenges, but will it be strong enough to survive the future that awaits them? Perhaps the biggest challenge is the secret that Alex withholds from Marissa—it might be the thing that dooms their relationship to failure.