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Building Blocks of Faith

The Christian faith has weathered numerous storms and attempts to change the principles to fit people’s desires of the moment. However, the faith has remained constant because it was built on a basic set of doctrines that remain unchanged. Those who fail to understand these fundamental doctrines are susceptible to heresy and abuse. 

“Building Blocks of Faith” explains the basic doctrines of the faith in a simple, understandable manner. John Mark Caton writes as a pastor, not a seminary professor. An advanced degree or years of study are not required to appreciate what is explained on these pages. 

Dr, Caton provides a thorough explanation of each of the following doctrines:

Jesus Christ
Holy Spirit
Second Coming of Jesus

After reading this book, you will have a new appreciation of the Christian faith. You will also discover that good doctrine results in faithful actions and a stronger personal relationship with God.

John Mark Caton is the senior pastor of the multi-campus Cottonwood Creek Church in Allen, Texas. He has two Masters Degrees in Theology and Divinity and holds a Ph.D. in Ethics. He and his wife Jeana have four children and reside in Allen, Texas. John Mark has successfully led Cottonwood Creek through substantial growth and relocation. John Mark’s heart always has been for The Church.
5 Pillars of Biblical Manhood

From the beginning, God has used men to accomplish great things. Men like Abraham, Moses, David, John, Stephen, and countless others have stood out in history for the role they were given by God. The Bible also records the failures of other men who missed opportunities. With a pastor’s heart, John Mark Caton explores five pillars that allow men to walk in close fellowship with God and be instruments for good in the world. 

The “Five Pillars of Biblical Manhood” are derived from 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 where the instructions are to be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong, and do everything in love. Pastor Caton provides a thorough explanation of each pillar and practical encouragement for making them a part of your life. The words of this book provide a stable foundation for any man with a desire to serve God.