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About Austin Brothers Publishing
The creation of Austin Brothers Publishing is the consequence of a confluence of several things. First, I have had a lifelong passion for books and reading. Second, a great deal of time and effort went into becoming a published author, but it finally happened. Third was the skill to write and create books developed over a period of several years. Finally, and the catalyst that made it all happen was my need to eat and pay my mortgage. ​
Austin Brothers Publishing
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As a teenager, I decided I was going to write a book someday. I had done well in a creative writing class in high school, so why not? I wrote a manuscript and then meticulously developed a fifty-page proposal for publishers. I carefully selected several publishers, mailed off a copy of my proposal, and waited for a response in the mail. After several months they started to arrive, all saying basically the same thing—“thanks, but your book does not fit our publishing plans currently, best of luck, blah, blah, blah.”  

Eventually several of my books were published, but I barely made enough money to upgrade my obsolete Radio Shack computer. My brother and I finally decided to do our own publishing and created our own company, Austin Brothers Publishing. It was just for one book, but we did it right, and that has paid off. 

After success with more than one book, I received a couple of requests to help others publish a book they had written. These projects served as a good learning experience. Although the books look very good, they required an inordinate amount of my time. There was much to learn. So I did!

Soon after, I came to the point of needing a career change due to some health considerations. In other words, I needed to work at home. My part-time avocation became my full-time vocation. 

We have now published numerous books for folks, and all of our authors have been discovered by word of mouth. What I mean by that is that we do a good job and they like what they get. Unlike most similar companies, when you work with Austin Brothers Publishing you will work directly with me. You will not be pushed off on a sales person who wants to squeeze you for more money, nor will you be expected to choose design by template. You will have my cell phone number and we can talk whenever you have a question. We are still learning, but we will do everything possible to create the book you want—one you can be proud to show to family and friends. All of this is done economically so you might even make a few bucks. 

If this sounds like something for you, contact me at…​